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Hot Hot Hot - Nick Roux

They almost kissed! <33

They almost kissed! <33

Q: What’s your favorite outfit that you’ve worn on the show?
A: It’s almost such a blur. Oh no, I love the black dress I wore in episode 2, I think it’s a Katy Rodriguez dress and it ties in the back and it has a big full skirt, and I adore that dress. And I like the skull, I think it’s a Betsey Johnson skull onesie that I wore with a red sweater. That’s awesome, too.


I personally think Aria killed Ali. I mean she had a motive to. Ali and her dad had a thing. In season 1 episode 1, Aria tells Byron that she’ll keep his secret. She never specifically said the secret about Byron and Meredith. And in one of the episode where Mona was giving them hints, she used…